Jessica Perry uses paper, clay, textiles, buttons and a whole range of recycled materials to produce intricate and
colourful paintings, assemblages, necklaces and sculptures.

A freelance artist for over 25 years, she combines commissions, exhibitions and art projects in schools, including family learning workshops. (See Facebook page: Hands-On Art)

How to make, and how to bake with outdoor Pizza Ovens (handmade cob or earth ovens) are another feature of Jessica's work, leading monthly courses for the public and specialised groups at Holt Hall, Norfolk.

Collaborating with other artists, in the Splinter Group, she helps to produce large-scale land art with an environmental emphasis: www.splinter1.wordpress.com

Jessica restores and repaints Norfolk Village signs, and has enjoyed commissions for public art, in murals, pub signs and other public spaces.

Jessica is also widely known for her animal sculpture, made to private commission and for sale in galleries: pigs, wild boar, owls, duck, pheasant and cattle.