Cley 12 Exhibition

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Cley 12: Book and Bird Sculptures.
Cley 12, a contemporary art exhibition featuring work by professional artists, including Jessica Perry's exhibit at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Visitors Centre, Cley, Norfolk. (The show spread across 3 areas, including site specific work on the Norfolk coast, and at Cley church.
Jessica's exhibit was a collaboration between herself, 30 x Yr 6 children from Sheringham Primary School, and Dr Kevin Elsby (RPS acclaimed wildlife photographer & GP).
Jessica produced a large, bound book of handwritten travellers tales, as well as an installation of eggshells (fired claywork) and flint stone-creatures by the children. Jessica made 5 bird sculptures to accompany these items, and Dr Elsby gave a extraordinary lecture & slide presentation to the children about his travels to the Galapagos, and the migration of bird species from Norfolk, an displayed some of his photographs.